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Fosun lighting products through multi-channel detection equipment and strict testing - quality products
Adhere to the "sincerity, to the letter Liye" business philosophy:
Solemn commitment to the sale of products:
One, the user in the normal use of performance failure, the company promised the following warranty service, warranty period from the date of purchase:
The electronic products: electronic parts, remote control module, transformer, electrical box is guaranteed for 2 years;
The bracket is guaranteed for 1 years;
The energy-saving lamp is guaranteed for 1 years;
The light source type: fluorescent lamp is guaranteed for 1 years; a halogen light source and crystal lamp is guaranteed for 6 months; LED bulb is guaranteed for 2 years;
The integration of LED lamps is guaranteed for 2 years;
The electrical products: Electronics is guaranteed for 1 years; non electronics is guaranteed for 12 years;
The platooninsert product is guaranteed for 3 years;
The emergency lamp is guaranteed for 2 years;
The Yuba heating bulb, heating pipe, motor, PTC heater is guaranteed for 3 years;
The exhaust fan: 1 years
Two, non - after-sales service guarantee range
1, beyond the product warranty period of the product;
2, for the use, maintenance, damage caused by improper storage of (not according to the product specification requirements of installation and use etc., any improper use of the way. For example: pick the wrong line, high voltage 250V above, non rated load and use of environment, especially the abnormalities such as high temperature, immersion and corrosion etc.);
3, irresistible factors, such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike;
4, the company's original supporting products, such as the company's light source supporting the use of other companies such as electronic parts;
5, to remove, change or alter the product certificate.
6, the plastic parts (such as mask, Yuba panel, borders) no warranty.
Three, in addition, the state applicable laws and regulations otherwise expressly provided, the company will comply with the relevant laws and regulations to implement.
Four, customer service hotline, anti-counterfeiting hotline: 0576-89087172

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