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  • Name: LED eye protection desk lamp
  • ID: Telescopic rod
  • Time on shelves: 2016-05-17
  • Views : 28


Product Description

LED desk lamp with contracted designs, fashion appearance, integrating reading and decorative lamps function, the latest LED lighting technology, create healthy, comfortable and elegant light environment, guarantee for quality of life.


Product Features

●Appearance is concise, fashionable, and beautiful;

●The downy light provide safe and comfortable lighting environment for work and life;

●Excluding infrared, ultraviolet, quick start, no flicker, effective protection of eyesight;

●Advanced human touch dimmer, adapted to different environment lighting requirements;

●Long design life of 40000 hours;

●Telescopic rod desk lamp can be used as a desk lamp, also can be used as mobile power supply.




Home sitting room, bedroom environment lighting Household and studying room lighting, Hotel room decoration lighting


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