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  • Name: LED grille lamp Three head
  • ID: LED grille lamp Three head
  • Time on shelves: 2016-05-16
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Product Description

LED grille lamp shell is durable for special surface treatment of high strength aluminum alloy material. Concentrated light, adjustable Angle, anti-glare, there are a variety of angles to choose.



Product Features


High quality aluminum, seamless welded together, classic style, exquisite craft

Reasonable thermal design, faster heat dissipation, improve the reliability of lamps

Two-way light adjustment, Variety spotting light Angle

Variety of size and power, it is suitable for a variety of applications

Anti glare design, effectively restrain glare, the light is downy




Mall hotel, the pavilion display spot lighting, industry office, home and club spot lighting Education and medical treatment, food and beverage service spot lighting


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