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  • Name: LED Surface mounted down light
  • ID: Seperate type adjustable Angle
  • Time on shelves: 2016-05-11
  • Views : 41


Product Description

Surface mounted LED downlight with fashional appearance , uniform
light, soft light, adjustable light Angle, meet the different needs of
customers for light environment.

Product Features

● With concise and easy tube light appearance, different wattage, it meets
different lighting requirements;


●High quality aluminum radiator, good heat dissipation effect, effectivelyextend
 the life of the lamps;

Use LED light source with high quality, high color rendering index, long
service life ;

●New intelligent lightning protection IC driver, intelligent control current
and voltage stability make it safer;

Irradiation Angle is adjustable, level 350 degrees, 90 degrees vertically,
and irradiation range is more flexible.



Commercial retail, Large supermarket lighting
Hotel lighting, Department store lighting
Household lighting, Public area lighting


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