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  • Name: LED hat type down light Integrated Type
  • ID: Integrated Type
  • Time on shelves: 2016-05-11
  • Views : 41


Production Description

LED hat type down light with unique appearance and complete specifications, high quality frosted PC lampshade, light uniformity, soft, no glare. excellent optical design makes light output efficiency to the best degree.


Product Features

●With high-quality aluminum alloy, electrostatic spraying, stylish, 
simple and elegant outlook;

●High quality acrylic mask, the rate is high, the light is soft and no glare;

●Adopt unique thermal design, the use of the lamp body contour heat dissipation, 
greatly satisfy the cooling requirement of lamps;

●General opening size, complete specifications, meet the requirements of 
different installation environment;

●The embedded installation, convenient and quick, easy to maintain .



Commercial retail, Large supermarket lighting Hotel lighting, Department store lighting Household lighting, Public area lighting.



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