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  • Name: T5 LED integrated bracket light
  • ID: Aluminium-plastic Type
  • Time on shelves: 2016-01-18
  • Views : 33


Product Description

T5 LED integrated bracket light using new LED lighting technology, with
novel and beautiful appearance, excellent performance, high security and
environmental protection, switch response fast, no stroboscopic, bring
good visual perception to the user


Product Features

● Perfect replace traditional T5 fluorescent tubes, energy saving efficiency
is above 50%;

● High efficiency and energy saving, high CRI: more than 80, strong
color reducibility ;

● Long design life time of 40000 hours, is 3-5 times of a traditional T5 tube;

● Easy installation, the surface mount installation, convenient for
construction, time and material saving;

● Integrated design, light weight, compact structure, suitable for small
space use.



Corridor, shelves, dark slot of ceiling
and interior scenes etc.


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