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Date:2016-01-18 15:33

As a reading, working and leisure space, the study should not only have a bright, clear writing and reading environment, but also conducive to concentrate on, and strive to simple and elegant. And use healthy light source, relax mood, protect eyesight. Study lamps should not only take full account of the brightness, but should take into account the shape and color of the decoration, in order to study quiet, elegant, with a cultural atmosphere of learning, thinking and creative environment. Recommend the use of sophisticated modeling of the ceiling lamp, sheep's clothing to meet the overall brightness of the study. Desk should be selected on the strobe is low, color soft support eye lamp, bookcase hidden lantern days, can help you find the books you want accurate, and has decorative effect.
If study rooms and combined together, in addition to guarantee basic lighting ceiling lamps outside, you can consider using adjustable wall lamp in the head of a bed or landing type desk lamp with the use of.

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