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Channel port

Date:2016-1-18 15:32

In the traditional lighting design, the door is often ignored. Entrance channel mouth contains the channel, porch, such as screen, modern life focus on nuanced feelings, in addition to the conventional light, but also reflects the grade home in key areas. Channel port is to enter the living room of the necessary space, lighting design is necessary to ensure sufficient brightness, but also to prevent glare. The smaller space, using embedded small downlight are uniformly arranged to diffuse, and equipped with good color, soft light source, such as high brightness low voltage halogen tungsten lamp or compact type fluorescent lamp, embedded downlight can reach not only see the light effect, reduce the exterior structure complexity. If the exterior in decorative mirror, above the mirror with mirror front lamps lighting, note lens headlight material should not use plastic cover, to choose a good light transmission glass cover, and is equipped with a warm hue, the color of light source.

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