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living room

Date:2016-1-18 15:33

Living room is the core area of the entire home space, family members, visiting relatives and friends of the collection, but also a personal leisure, relaxation of the activities of space: conversation, tea, reading, watching tv...... Living room is the space that reflects the home culture: art, hanging, delicate tea table, texture excellent sofa all this requires different lighting and complements.
If you want to create a mediocre volume luxury European style classical style, in the living room dominated by European style Tieyi chandelier, appearance can also space for you to add a gorgeous; if like simple modern style, at base lighting part can adopt embedded downlight, ceiling took a fancy to smooth and flawless. Receive a visitor area placed minimalist style floor lamp, use warm color light source, in the small space highlights warm, welcoming reception negotiate atmosphere.

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