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Date:2016-1-18 15:34

The bedroom is the secret garden of home life. Sleep, dressing, bedtime reading or listening to music, soft light, to create a quiet, romantic, comfortable atmosphere. Smallpox: the use of ceiling lights focus on lighting. Of course, the ceiling also arranged as ceiling lamp based lighting, light is not too strong, make your private space to reflect. Can also consider the LED light source, LED light source rich color display function.
The bed placed in the bed of the seat of local lighting lamp or floor lamp, wall lamp or lighting. Can also in bedside or wall 30 cm below install footlights, nocturnal provide lighting, and avoiding early waking eyes by strong stimulation discomfort.
Dresser: in the bedroom don't ignore the dresser for lighting applications, color warm light lens headlight can very good complexion of reduction, while satisfying the dressing the brightness.

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