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LED lantern on the global Christmas feast

Date:2016-1-18 15:31

Seoul Korea Songpa Gu Lotte World building in the world's big "Santa claus". Staged in 555 meters high, 123 layers of the building LED landscape lighting show, clearly showing a pattern of red cotton padded jacket, white bearded Santa Claus and green Christmas tree, in the backdrop of the dark night sky and the city night scene is very spectacular. Buildings on every ten minutes will change the LED lighting landscape, and Seoul people to share the joy of christmas.
Located in Osaka, Japan, Universal Studios during the Christmas show up to 36 meters from the Christmas tree lighting show, a full 12 storeys high. According to reports, the Christmas tree decorated with a number of light bulbs have been Guinness world record certification, with the lights lit, fireworks off, visitors have stopped cheering. In addition, in the park day will launch cartoon "little yellow" dressed as Santa Claus, and band together in flying confetti parade.
Champs Elysees Street Christmas lighting ceremony start means the arrival of the Christmas season in Paris france. Affected by the terrorist attacks, the streets of Paris seem to have no excitement in previous years. But as Christmas draws near, the traditional Christmas light show is still attracting a lot of visitors. Sweet Street on both sides of the road more than 200 tree covered with glittering lights and clouds on canopy lights as if falling thousands of meteors in the earth, the whole street was wrapped in colorful polychrome and dazzling star awn, smooth shadow interweave, create the artistic conception of the enchanted forest, beautiful.
Annual LED lantern is one of the biggest bright spot during the Christmas season, it street into a sea of colorful, out of the warm color rendering of the chilly winter, bring us the sweet dream bright Christmas!

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